Pgh PipeDreamz is Getting Ready to Open

This is our Pgh PipeDreamz before we had our sign installed or made window displays.Pgh PipeDreamz is Getting Ready to Open

We are working hard to get Pgh PipeDreamz up and running for April showers! It's our intention to have a wide range of products to fit every taste and budget. In short, something for everyone!

Be sure to follow PghPipeDreamz on ALL socialmedia sites!If you are an artist, distributor, author, or musician we at Pgh PipeDreamz want to hear from you! We are always on the look out for rare, unique, and special things to put in our store and your products could fit that description! It's always worth trying! (Please DO NOT bring products to the Pgh PipeDreamz store, check out our contact page for instructions, thanks!).

Pgh PipeDreamz is ready to fill up with the in your dreamz!Everyone who has stopped by has been so supportive, and we appreciate it immensely. All of us have now left our 9 to 5's and are ALL-IN on Pgh PipeDreamz. It is our dreamz that we can find you the perfect pipe that makes your smoking dreamz come true!

If you have a request, or need help finding that "perfect" piece, please send us an e-mail so we can do our best to help while you're waiting patiently for opening day.

Kick back and relax at pittsburgh piipedreamz becacause pittsburgh pittsburgh pipe dreamz has got your six 6!Pgh PipeDreamz
2603 Brownsville Rd
Pgh-Carrick, PA 15227

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pittsburgh pipe dreams pittsburgh pipedreamz pipedreamz pipe dreamzWe at Pgh PipeDreamz are proud to be productive members of our community. We love the city of Pittsburgh, and it's community of Carrick, and hope to bring to it a fresh and new revenue stream that will uplift all that live there.

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