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The Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project

Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project

With cheap, potent heroin readily available seemingly everywhere, fatal overdoses have more than quadrupled in the past two decades. In Allegheny County, where 227 people died of fatal ODs in 2010 and 307 succumbed in 2014, there were an astounding 349 fatal overdoes last year.

The numbers are so great that it seems everyone now knows a relative, friend, or friend of friend who has died from a fatal overdose. But sadly, the meteoric rise in the fatalities shows no signs of slowing down. Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project wants to change that.

Through the Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project we hope to provide;

  • Rehabilitation Options including, but not limited to;
    • Natural ALL VITAMIN BASED Detox Kits
    • Local Drug Rehabilitation Meeting Schedules
    • Rehabilitation and Crisis Center Phone Lists
    • Quit Smoking Information and ALL NATURAL Healthy Alternatives
  • Employment through Flyer Distribution
    • Not only will Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project, and their parent company, provide flyers for distribution, but surrounding business will also provide both flyers and funding to pay the outreach participants for their time.
    • Participants can Add Skills to their Resumes:
      • Able to Work Within a Team
      • Customer Service
      • Determined
      • Flexible
      • Friendly
      • Organized
      • Outgoing
      • Personable
      • …and More!
  • Outreach Resources
    • Job Placement Assistance
      • Resume Assistance
      • Job Listings
    • Phone Lists will be provided for a variety of programs available, such as;
      • Housing
      • Food
      • Clothing
      • Utility Assistance
      • Legal Assistance
      • SSI/SSDI Application Assistance
      • Welfare Application Assistance
      • Transportation
      • Child Care
      • Mental Health Referrals

About Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project

It is the goal of Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project to make Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA a safer place for families and individuals by providing addiction outreach and employment for the unemployable.

Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Program Will Make Pittsburgh a More Awesome Place to Work, Live, and Play

The creation, and implementation, of the Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project will reduce, or possibly remove entirely, the dangerous elements from our streets that are associated with illegal drug use. This neighborhood crime reduction opens the door for an increase in commerce thus creating more employment opportunities and a safe positive community for our children to interact within.

How Funding Supplied to Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project is Used

At this time we are depending greatly on grants to begin the Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project. As the project expands we will depend on funding from surrounding businesses, private donations, and public events (like car washes or cookouts)  to keep moving forward.

The History of Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project

The parent company of Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project, Pgh Pipedreamz, has done all it can to support the clean-up of Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA since the day it’s door opened. Pgh Pipedreamz already provides drinks and snacks to underprivileged children in the neighborhood, they discreetly offer free or discounted vitamin paks and supplements to struggling recovering addicts (when they are available), and also Pgh Pipedreamz pays those struggling to find employment in the area to hand out flyers or help clean around the shop.

Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project’s Timeline for Success

  • Apply for EIN and Needed Business Licenses
  • Order Needed Vitamin Paks
  • Recruit Surrounding Businesses to Cooperate
  • Make Resource Lists and Design Flyers
  • Copy Lists and Flyers
  • Create Detox Kits
  • Hire 1st Clients to Pass-out Flyers
  • Pre Plan some Events for the Year
  • Write Up Press Releases (Fax/Mail/eMail when Appropriate)
  • Create a Schedule (ie Mon (Recruit Businesses), Tue (Copy/Collect Flyers and Funding), Wed (Company Meeting), Thur (Orders), Fri (Assembly), Sat (Event Day), Sun (PayDay and Support Meeting)

Please Spread the Word

We at the Pgh Pipedreamz Outreach Project believe that this is an incredibly important project that should be implemented as soon as possible. Because we are so heavily dependent, at this time, for funding from grants please feel free to share our vision with as many people as you can. Hopefully we will one day be able to open our hearts, and doors, whether we have outside funding or not!